Ed McKenzie

Board Member at Large | Music Administrator

Ed joined barbershopping with the Tidelanders in Houston, Texas. His first night at chapter meeting, there was a piano in the Rice Hotel ballroom where the chapter rehearsed and that seemed pretty normal, as he had been in choruses and choirs since he was a youngster. However, he soon discovered that this was not any typical vocal group rehearsal as the piano was only used to hold stacks of music. Not a single note was played on it all night. The rehearsal was pretty interesting and the music very enjoyable. Then, the Innsiders (who came in 4th that year) sang after the break and Ed was hooked.


Two guys, (John Pickul and Bob Natoli) asked him to join their quartet and Ed jumped right in. It was later that he realized that John and Bob made it their mission to get new guys into a quartet and infect them with the quartet experience. They also were able to get outstanding coaching for the quartet in the person of John Devine, lead singer of the Innsiders, future director of the chorus, and a long time sparkplug in the Southwest District.


Ed was then stationed in Milwaukee, where he joined the Racine Dairystatesmen and went to International several times with that chorus. From there, the next duty station was Long Beach, CA. From his home, he could reasonably commute to 14 different chapters, 5 of which were Century Chapters (over 100 singers). He selected the Whittier Choralaires, directed by Earl Moon, and immediately was made to feel at home.


While at Whittier, Ed switched from his normal bass to tenor, then bari, singing in several chapter quartets. After three years, he was able to earn a spot on the front row. While there he earned his MBA, using the chapter as the subject of his thesis on volunteer organizations.


After California, he went to College Station, TX, where he founded a local chapter with Bo Allen and Dennis Driscoll.  He also sang in a quartet with them.  In 2003, he moved to Chattanooga, TN, where he joined the Cleveland Scream Machine, co-directed by brothers Chad and Brandon Guyton of 4 Voices. 


Ed brought his dad, Allen into the Society (he actually joined the Heralds of Harmony in the 80's) and his brother Scott (currently singing with the Scream Machine chorus of the Cleveland, TN chapter in BHS).


Within the Heralds, Ed serves as music librarian and handles all FINALE music notation projects for the chorus.