Tampa was chartered on May 29, 1945. The founder was Bob Aldrich, a Barbershopper from Tulsa, who came across the Florida Four (Dick Jackson, Beal Siler, Sam and Fred Breedon) and expanded them into the first chapter in what would ultimately become the Sunshine District. At this time, the Society had 169 chapters and 8,064 members.

The above can be found in the 1985 District Directory, Historical Highlights of the Sunshine Association of Chapters.

First President of Tampa No. 1 -- Sam Breedon

The announcement for the first chapter meeting of the Tampa 1 Chapter, SPEBSQSA, was held on May 17, 1945. The potential members were invited by a May 10, 1945 letter sent to approximately 60 men. See the September letter from O. C. Cash.