Show Program Advertisers

Each year the Heralds of Harmony produces its annual "Encore" show typically held in the Spring, and "A Christmas Celebration" held in December to kick off your holiday a cappella style! Thanks to the support of the advertisers in the show programs, the Heralds of Harmony are able to produce their show playbill and help cover other show costs. 

When patronizing our advertisers, let them know you are doing so because you saw their support of the Heralds in the program.

Here's a look at the most recent programs:


Want to support the Heralds by advertising in the next show program? Contact Steve Matheson, VP Marketing 813-494-4753.

Tom Hallis/Berkshire Hathaway

St Luke

Sun Country Cleaners

Tiffany Coburn

T Pepin

Creating Smiles Dental


Magnum Opus Dental

A Cleaning Services LLC

Larry Bryant

Foot & Ankle

TAB / The Alternative Board