Tony De Rosa, Artistic Director

Drew Kirkman, Assistant Director

Dave Roberts, President

Larry Clapp, Immediate Past President

Brian Wunderlin, Secretary

Al Kelly, Treasurer

Dick Sipple, Vice-president of Events

Chuck Steiner, Vice-president of Music and Performance

Steve Cragg, Vice-president of Chapter Development

Paul Stiles, Vice-president of Financial Development

Steve Matheson, Vice-president of Marketing and PR

Danny Wunderlin, Board Member at Large

Ralph Brown, Board Member at Large

Ed McKenzie, Board Member at Large

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International Contest in Pittsburgh -- Eyes Medley video (click)

International Contest in Pittsburgh -- From the First Hello to the Last Goodbye (click) 

Chorus Picture from Pittsburgh (click)

A Christmas Celebration, Fox 13, December 9 (click)

Tony's 2015 Year in Review (click)

2015 Year in Review -- Installation Banquet (click)