History of the Heralds

The History of the Heralds of Harmony is a work in progress. It is and will be a compilation of documents copied from original material and from material from our current web site. The very old paper documents will also be copied and placed within the web site. We will explore ways to store the original material as some are very fragile. And, we will continue to add to this note and edit it as the need arises.

We hope you have time to enjoy the love of Barbershop as demonstrated by the History. It is not merely a collection of historical material, but is a representation of men devoted to the love of harmony, of song, and of performance. Just imagine the countless number of hours that have gone into the preparation of shows, rehearsals, memorizing the songs, the Board Meetings, the many hours of travel just to get to rehearsals, and etc., that are all involved in these barbershop activities.

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1944 through 1949

1950 through 1959

1960 through 1969

1970 through 1979

1980 through 1989

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2000 through 2009

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