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Thank for your interest in hiring the Herald of Harmony for your event.

This is how we look and we perform better than we look.

The Heralds have performed many shows over our 70+ year history but in this day and age, we have finely tuned our performance ability to meet many entertainment needs. We can easily offer up to a two-hour performance including a normal 15 minute intermission. We can vary the entertainment 'look' by offering quartets and members who can step out and sing solo with a chorus backup. The goal of our chorus is to keep the audience entertained with many different performance 'looks' and with a varying selection of songs. Our repertoire includes patriotic songs, love song or ballads, and peppy uptunes. We offer two show packages of our Encore series (ex. non-Christmas) and one for Christmas (secular and sacred).

The Heralds also offer a shorter package that is usually performed for our corporate clients for various types of business conferences or meetings. Presenting a 40 to 50 man chorus as entertainment will definitely bring a charge of excitement to any meeting. This type of package has been performed for our local  U. S. Navy and U. S. Air Force members at their various functions. There is nothing more exciting for our chorus than to sing patriotic songs for our Armed Forces. The talent fee for the short package is $2,000. 

One very successful package the Heralds offer is designed for a fund-raising function. Typically, the break-even point for an event such as this is 200 tickets at $20 per ticket. Combining an entertainment event with a fund-raising cause offers a very attractive venture. The most successful example is a church with a sold-out venue of 1,100 seats or tickets; their break even point, 200 tickets or our $4,000 talent fee.

The Heralds produce six performances a year at the USF School of Music Concert Hall and at the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg. The 'Encore' series is performed in the April or May time frame, while the same venues host our Christmas Shows in December. All of our shows will appear within the schedule of events on the web site front page. The Heralds offer a discount of 20% for a ticket order of 20 or more tickets to our 'Encore' and Christmas shows.

If you feel a Heralds performance is in your future, please call or email:

Greg Garvin



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